With ancient castle sites dating back to the Roman Era and ever-changing seaside weather, visitors to Scotland can instantly be transported back to Scotland’s ancient history full of feuding kingdoms, rivalrous clans, and daring plots. Though this medieval drama has long passed, the look and feel of Scotland still delivers a thrill. The Scottish highlands transform the landscape, adding a sweeping, majestic topography to the small island country. Off its shores, there are no less than 790 small islands in the icy waters of the Atlantic. On a hilly site running down to the sea, the city of Edinburgh provides easy access to world-class arts, restaurants, and institutions in addition to its famous annual theater festivals. Whiskey, haggis, kilts, and foreboding fortresses help give travelers a glimpse into Scotland’s distinct character and rich history.




World Endeavors currently offers the following programs in Scotland:

The World Endeavors Intern in Scotland program is located in Glasgow.

Intern in Scotland


The World Endeavors Study in Scotland programs take place in the historic city of Edinburgh.

Study in Scotland (Heriot-Watt University)

Summer Study in Scotland (Heriot-Watt)




“While I didn’t stay in Scotland long, I immediately felt at home there, and definitely struggled with leaving. The rugged beauty of the land is invigorating and peaceful at once; the people are incredibly welcoming and love to share stories of their day to day lives, as well as their history. I found in Scotland a happiness I didn’t know existed, and yearn to return every day.”

- Nyssa, Program Advisor

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