Thomas Peden

Founder and Executive Director

His first taste of travel came through a trip to Venezuela during his sophomore year in college. Before graduating from Trinity International University, Thomas took a second trip abroad, this time backpacking through Europe, further fueling his love of travel. In the winter of 2002, he took a leap of faith and founded World Endeavors as a way for to kindle an excitement for meaningful travel in others. He enjoys seeing people travel abroad for the first time and hearing about their experiences. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, woodworking, and learning flamenco.


Mallory Lauerhunt

Manager of Marketing and Program Advisement

Mallory was raised in Minnesota. When she was a child, her family took numerous trips around the country, which sparked her interest in travel. Mallory attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI, where she graduated with a BA in International Affairs. During university, Mallory studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. She was able to explore the country and gained a greater interest in other countries and their cultures. She has also visited Ireland, England, and Thailand. Other than traveling, Mallory likes to camp, be outside, bike, check out local art and music, and spend time with family and friends.




Andy MacGregor

Participant Services Coordinator

Andy was born and raised in Portsmouth, in the United Kingdom, and went on to study International Business at Swansea University. It was during his study abroad year in Sweden that Andy fell in love with traveling. He has since been to forty countries across five continents. In 2011, he became qualified as an English language teacher and has taught in the Republic of Georgia, South Korea and Colombia. He is now experiencing life in Minnesota and successfully made it through his first winter! Aside from traveling, Andy enjoys reading, eating spicy food, watching soccer, and drinking good coffee.


Allison Huff

Participant Services Advisor

Allison was born and raised in Minnesota but was raised with the travel bug. Allison was fortunate enough to go on various family vacations growing up where she got exposure to other cultures and languages. After spending a wonderful study abroad experience in Valparaiso, Chile she knew it would not be her last trip. After graduating she roamed about for four years, exploring new states in the USA as well as living a few years in Spain. She has continued to make traveling a priority in her life even though she have moved back home but when she is enjoying her time in the great state of Minnesota she enjoys being outdoors, participating in triathlons, reading, and watching movies/TV shows in Spanish.




Nyssa Langlois

Program Advisor

The majority of Nyssa’s life has been spent in Wisconsin, including completing her BA in English Literature at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. However, she yearns to continue dabbling in international exploration. She first visited France while in high school, and continued to venture during college while studying abroad in England. While there, she visited Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Poland, and Norway. When Nyssa isn’t plotting her permanent escape to the Highlands of Scotland to raise border collies and sheep, Nyssa enjoys reading, biking, knitting, snuggling fluffy puppies, and spending time with family and friends.


Sydney Jenkins

Program Advisor

Sydney was raised near Seattle, Washington. While pursuing a degree in International Business at Western Washington University, she studied abroad for a year in Paris, France. There she improved her French, traveled extensively through Western Europe, and mastered the art of navigating the Parisian metro. After graduation, she spent three months backpacking in Australia and New Zealand before returning to Europe to visit her favorite cities and cross more places off her bucket list. When she’s not thinking about traveling the world, Sydney enjoys taking her dog, Brighton, for long walks, cooking, baking, and drinking any decent cup of coffee.




Mai Cha Vang

Accounting and Finance Coordinator

Mai Cha spent her childhood in a Hmong Refugee Camp in Thailand before immigrating to the US with her family when she was 8. She has always been fascinated by cultures and languages, and she studied Mandarin for two years in college. Eventually, she studied abroad in Korea to pursue Women’s Studies at Ehwa Woman’s University. While abroad, she learned to read and write in Korean and taught herself basic Japanese. Aside from languages, Mai Cha loves to learn and challenge herself. Her future goals include more volunteering and traveling abroad.



World Endeavors Interns




Chief Mischief Maker

Brighton was born in Washington and spent her first year in a valley of daffodils near Seattle. Her hobbies include playing with an innumerable amount of toys, growling ferociously (she thinks) at inanimate objects, and getting into plenty of mischief. She might not be our most seasoned traveler, but she has crossed Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin state lines, which is pretty good for a dog! When she’s not too busy getting her ears scratched by the World Endeavors team, Brighton enjoys going for long walks and eating any kind of cheese.


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