World Endeavors believes international travel has the power to change lives and everyone should be able to participate in a program abroad. For 15 years, our organization has brought meaningful experiential learning opportunities to thousands of universities, educational institutions, students, parents, advisors, and individuals eager to expand their vision of the world. We put people and communities first – focusing on the distinct needs of individuals. In addition to this passionate, people-centered approach to our work, a combination of several other factors makes our programs unique:

We believe that cultural and professional immersion is the best way to learn from an experience abroad. We design our programs through the lens of immersion and everything from the housing we set up to the types of projects and placements we offer our participants are guided by this focus.

We offer programs that are affordable and attainable. When you compare our program features with those of other experiences abroad, we are certain that our programs offer the best value. We go above and beyond by adding more personalized attention than is typical, making our programs the best deal out there.

Perhaps our greatest asset, the World Endeavors staff is comprised of dynamic individuals who have volunteered, traveled, studied, worked, or lived abroad. Our global team is there to make each participant’s experience safe, culturally informative, and rewarding. When you participate in a World Endeavors program, you really get to know us. And we will learn all about your goals and guide you through the entire process. A solid team is your most valuable resource as you take on new challenges and explore new places.


World Endeavors believes change happens through action. Our “action” is providing hands-on immersive experiences abroad through internship, study, volunteer, and group travel programs. We believe that these experiences can change a life, a community, and the world.

Another area of “action” reflecting our values is our belief in environmental stewardship both at home and abroad. Our programs focusing on environmental and wildlife conservation allow others to contribute to keeping our planet sustainable. We maintain this vision close to home as well. Our office, located just steps from the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, runs entirely on wind power through our subscription with Windsource. We are also active in our own backyard, frequently engaging with the National Park Service on projects that benefit the Mississippi River and Recreation Area.

World Endeavors believes in changing our world through action—one participant and program at a time.


Part of what makes our world so special is the myriad of cultures, beliefs and identities that exist in it. We believe anyone and everyone can have an immersive international experience and our advisors are dedicated to finding programs that are suitable for people of all abilities, identities and walks of life.

Our support extends to, but is not limited to, the following groups:

  • Racially and ethnically diverse applicants
  • LGBTQIA+ individuals
  • Applicants from all religious groups
  • Applicants with disabilities and mental illness
  • First generation college students

If you have any questions about infrastructure to accommodate individuals with physical challenges or cultural norms in your prospective international location, please contact our office and speak to one of our advisors. We will assist in selecting an appropriate program and answer any questions.