Inspiring the next generation of leaders and contributing to the betterment of society requires a global perspective. A virtual internship in this field provides the invaluable opportunity to learn how professionals in other parts of the world approach education and social sciences. Interns may conduct research, teach lessons online in collaboration with local teachers, or arrange virtual activities for a childcare center. Adding a remote international internship to your resume may be the unique experience that sets you apart from other applicants when the time comes to apply for a job in this competitive but rewarding field.


Featured VII Placements

Our experienced advisors will work with you to arrange a customized virtual internship that matches your interests and goals. Here are some examples of possible remote placements within Education and Social Sciences:


Support a local governmental initiative in the UK remotely as it responds to the COVID-19 health emergency. This critical service provides childcare support for essential staff battling the virus on the front line. Responsibilities likely to include:

  • Preparing projects and activities that are fun, inclusive and safe for the children in line with EYFS and Ofsted requirements
  • Developing marketing strategies, conducting competitive research, and providing recommendations
  • Creating marketing materials and campaigns to raise awareness of the childcare service - producing content for social media channels, writing newsletters and identifying other relevant marketing opportunities
  • Supporting the team in preparing and achieving external accreditations by producing portfolios and documenting achievements of the childcare service
  • Communications support with a focus on recruitment for additional staffing to respond to the increased need due to COVID-19
    London - England



Teach English online to children participating in an after school program. This education placement provides a rewarding opportunity for cultural exchange - sharing your culture with the students while also learning about the Argentine culture from them.

  • Bring your own ideas and creativity to deliver engaging lessons and help these students improve their English language skills.
  • Collaborate with the classroom teacher, exchanging teaching methods and learning more about the Argentine education system.

Buenos Aires - Argentina



Gain experience with an organization that provides support to people with aphasia, a communication disorder usually caused by stroke or brain injury. As this placement is remote, intern responsibilities could include:

  • Conducting research on aphasia, such as causes and therapeutic interventions
  • Assisting the team with a variety of institutional projects
  • Curating content for and managing social media accounts

Buenos Aires - Argentina



World Endeavors arranges unpaid internships. Specific virtual internship placements cannot be guaranteed. Once you’ve applied and enrolled, we will work closely with you and our in-country coordinator to arrange a virtual internship that matches your interests and goals.


Once you’ve submitted your application, your dedicated internship advisor will get in touch to guide you through next steps. Placements can be secured in as short as 2 weeks.

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