Chile is an ideal location for interns who wish to immerse themselves in the Spanish language while gaining hands-on work experience in their industry. Chile is one of South America’s most beautiful and varied countries, with breathtaking coastlines, fertile valleys, lush forests, and striking desert landscapes. Chile is also one of South America’s most developed economies, attracting investment and trade from all over the world. Interns get the best of both worlds in Chile with international work experience and the laid-back pace of life that comes with living in such a beautiful environment.
Interns must be 18 years of age or older and have completed high school (or equivalent). World Endeavors International Internship programs are open to current students, graduates, and mid-career professionals. Internship placement opportunities increase with experience or relevant coursework. Please contact World Endeavors for more information.


Viña del Mar is truly one of the most beautiful cities in all of Chile and is part of the country’s second largest metropolitan area. Known for its beaches, art deco architecture, and several meticulously maintained parks, gardens, and flowerbeds that are the pride of the “Garden City,” Viña del Mar is a paradise for the international traveler. Interns can enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of a beach city while engaging in a professional internship experience.



  • World Endeavors interns should be 18 years or older and should have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the start of their program.
  • Keep in mind that all countries have different visa restrictions for varying types of passports.
  • It is recommended to have a background in your desired internship field, but not absolutely required. Internship placement opportunities increase with experience or relevant coursework.
  • It is preferred that interns considering Chile have an upper-intermediate to advanced level of Spanish language skills.



Matthew is a Psychological Operations Sergeant with the US Army. He studied International Business, Finance, and Spanish in college and did a Business Administration internship in Mexico through World Endeavors.

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“I gained so much confidence in myself during my ten weeks spent abroad. I had always wanted to travel, but when it came down to leaving the States for the first time I was incredibly nervous. But after my experience in Chile I feel like I could travel the entire world alone and never look back!”

- Ashley, Intern in Chile

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World Endeavors offers internships in a wide range of professional fields in Chile, and our advisors are proud of their ability to find great opportunities in unique and highly specialized fields.

Though some internships may be located outside the city, World Endeavors offers internships in Viña del Mar in the following fields:

Do you want to earn academic credit for your international internship? Nearly half of World Endeavors participants earn credit while interning abroad. Many students are required to participate in an internship to fulfill a requirement for their degree program. World Endeavors works closely with students and their academic advisors to ensure that our program meets those requirements. If you don’t fall into that category there is another exciting option for you. Through our collaboration with University of California Berkeley, students can earn UC Berkeley credit by taking one of two online courses while interning abroad.University of California Berkeley




World Endeavors interns in Chile live in shared apartment-style housing located in central Viña del Mar and in close proximity to stores and public transportation. Apartments have shared bathrooms and kitchen facilities, allowing interns to purchase groceries and prepare meals at home. Interns walk or take public transportation to their internship five days a week.


Dates And Costs

Internships are available year-round, and each placement is customized for the participant. This means World Endeavors interns can choose when they would like to start their program, the duration of their internship and their desired field. Due to holidays, traditional vacation schedules, and seasonal work availability, there might be better times than others to intern in a specific location or in a specific field.

When you are ready to start planning your internship, contact us. Our experienced advisors will help you sort through any timing consideration unique to this internship destination or your internship field.

Please wait until after you are accepted into the program and you have received the confirmed arrival and departure dates before you book your flight.

Program Name First Month Each Additional Month
Intern In Chile $3,190 $1,290


  • Program Advisor: dedicated, experienced, and accessible for one-on-one guidance
  • Internship placement: coordinated with special attention to your goals and experience
  • Flexible durations from 1 to 6 months with year-round start dates
  • Academic credit facilitation
  • Professional counseling: to consult on application materials, job readiness, and interviewing skills, etc. before, during, and after your program
  • Local Onsite Coordinator with 24/7 availability; pre and post arrival orientation
  • Program Success Plan with ongoing coaching
  • Re-entry Handbook: to help you reflect on and integrate your experience abroad into your daily life and future career, deal with reverse culture shock, stay connected to the culture of your host country, and get involved in future service and travel opportunities
  • Spanish language instruction: 3 weeks, 15 hours per week
  • Airport reception and welcome
  • Shared apartment accommodations with utilities included
  • Comprehensive travel medical insurance
  • Travel visa guidance and support
  • Advice on how to get a local phone number
  • 24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance
  • Travel protection
  • Discounts: to stores, restaurants, and entertainment located near your home and/or university!



  • Round-trip transportation to Chile
  • Meals
  • Refundable housing deposit
  • Visa expenses
  • Optional trips and excursions
  • Daily transportation
  • Personal expenses


How To Apply

Congratulations on your decision to embark on this one-of-a-kind, life-changing experience abroad! We look forward to working with you to make your trip memorable and meaningful.

For most applicants, the first step is to contact a World Endeavors advisor. Our advisors are available to answer questions and offer guidance along the way. With our help, you may be surprised at how easily your dream of going abroad can become a reality.

Enrollment in the World Endeavors program begins formally with an application. Due to visa requirements and other processes involved in coordinating international programs, participants are encouraged to submit their applications as far in advance as possible. We recommend that applications be submitted at least 16 weeks in advance of the intended program start date. If your intended start date is less than 16 weeks away, please contact World Endeavors for more information.