A fascinating cultural stew, Jamaica is a mix of histories and peoples, including Africans, Europeans, and East Asians. These groups have all left their mark on the country’s identity. Even its language, officially English, borrows words and idioms from places as far away as Spain and West Africa. But, Jamaica is probably most renowned for its strong musical roots and its achingly beautiful landscapes. With reggae and dancehall music in the air, visitors experience a soundscape with a decidedly danceable beat. And, with some of the loveliest beaches in the Caribbean, it’s hard to imagine that the interior landscape with rainforests and waterfalls is just as inspiring, but many find it to be so.



World Endeavors currently offers the following program in Jamaica:

The World Endeavors Volunteer in Jamaica program takes place in Kingston, which is the country’s capital and largest city.

Volunteer in Jamaica




“Since this was my first time volunteering overseas, I experienced many different emotions from homesickness to happiness. However, my time in Jamaica will always stay with me because of how much it impacted me in many different ways. In other words, I went back to the US with a bigger and warmer heart because of the wonderful people I met and became friends with.”

- Kristi-Ann, Volunteer in Jamaica

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