Steeped in the tradition of the Mayan people, Guatemala is still influenced by this ancient culture, which thrives throughout the country. Cultural explorers are captivated by its bustling village markets, white-washed colonial towns, and ancient ruins. Naturalists seek out jungle hikes, and may attempt to scale a volcano or two.  Beyond these adventures lies the rewarding experience of learning about the strong indigenous traditions of the Guatemalan people and how those traditions deeply influence everything from art and music to daily life.



World Endeavors currently offers the following program in Guatemala:

The World Endeavors Volunteer in Guatemala program takes place in the mountainous city of Quetzaltenango, known to the locals as Xela.

Volunteer in Guatemala



Maddy is a Boston, Massachusetts native who studies Sociology. She volunteered abroad with two of her friends at a children's home in Guatemala through World Endeavors.

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“I for sure want to go back to Guatemala. It has made me think about the way that I live here in the States—I’m trying to simplify my life and better myself as a person. Everybody I met was absolutely wonderful.”

- Samantha, Volunteer in Guatemala

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