Germany’s global influence and cultural richness date back millennia. From the Kaiserdom of Prussia to the economic hub of the current global landscape, Germany has proven itself a great political influence. The significance of German art and philosophy can also be seen woven throughout the history of Western civilization – from Bach to Beethoven and Goethe to Kant. Art and history aside, Germany’s natural wonders and medieval embellishments capture the imagination of many travelers. With the tall peaks of the Alps, meandering cobblestone streets, and castles straight out of the Grimm brothers’ stories, Germany is ripe for exploration. Well-rounded by the modern architecture and hip clubs of Munich and Berlin, Germany maintains a solid prominence as a major travel destination.



World Endeavors currently offers the following programs in Germany:

The World Endeavors Study in Germany programs are all located in the cultural center and capital city of Berlin.

Study in Germany – Freie Universität Berlin

Summer Study in Germany (Freie Universität Berlin)

Winter Study in Germany (Freie Universität Berlin)




“What I remember most vividly about Germany is the gorgeous natural scenery and buildings, the sound of church bells and town clocks, and connecting with Germans through a common enjoyment of watching World Cup soccer. The amazing food and wine, strikingly beautiful towns, rivers, mountains, and forests, and friendly people make Germany a great place to visit!”

- Shannon, Operations Assistant

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