Sandwiched between the Andes and the Pacific, Chile is a long, meandering country with a distinctive outline on the map, stretching over 2,600 miles north to south and averaging only 109 miles across. From vast deserts in the north—so dry that some soil has not seen rain for hundreds of years—to pure blue glaciers and fjords in the south that are home to penguins and whales, Chile is a lesson in contrasts. Add this to numerous culturally rich cities and one can begin to understand why Chile is one of the most visited countries in South America.



World Endeavors currently offers the following program in Chile:

The World Endeavors Intern in Chile program is located in Viña del Mar, a beautiful seaside city on Chile’s Pacific coast.

Intern in Chile




“I gained so much confidence in myself during my ten weeks spent abroad. I had always wanted to travel, but when it came down to leaving the States for the first time I was incredibly nervous. But after my experience in Chile I feel like I could travel the entire world alone and never look back!”

- Ashley, Intern in Chile

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