Brazil’s dazzling coastlines, tropical jungles, and bustling urban centers are awe-inspiring. The country is so large that it borders all other South American countries except Chile and Ecuador and is renowned for its biodiversity, boasting the ecological jewels of the Amazon Rainforest and the Pantanal wetlands. Beyond its natural wonders, Brazil is a vibrant cultural melting pot with African, indigenous, and European influences helping to shape its diversity. Music, dance, and celebration are a part of the national diet whether you travel to the remote reaches of the Amazon, a São Paulo high rise, or a favela in Rio.



World Endeavors currently offers the following program in Brazil:


The World Endeavors Volunteer in Brazil program is located in Curitiba, a thriving inland city with a unique atmosphere.

Volunteer in Brazil



Ram is a medical student from Canada who went to medical school in Croatia. He was a healthcare volunteer in Brazil with World Endeavors.

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"I love the people. I think that is what makes a country great, the people that fill it. I have loved getting to know the people and getting to experience their kindness and compassion."

-Hannah, Volunteer in Brazil

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