Wind Power at World Endeavors

We love our planet and believe it’s worth protecting. That’s why we have decided to pay a little bit more for our energy each month to guarantee that it comes from renewable resources. This means that the energy we use to arrange our unique, international experiences is sustainable and emission free.

Humans have used the wind to power our endeavors for centuries. Think of all the picturesque windmills dotted around the Netherlands for example. Previously used to pump water and grind grain, now we have the technology to use this sustainable resource to generate electricity. When wind hits the blades of a wind turbine, they turn, which then spins a shaft that connects to a generator to make electricity. It’s as simple as that, with no harmful emissions released to the environment!

We believe that change begins at home, and we’re proud to be powered in a clean and sustainable way.

For more information on the Xcel Energy Windsource Program, please click here

Posted by World Endeavors on    January 1, 2015

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World Endeavors believes that international travel has the power to change lives, broaden horizons, and deepen intercultural understanding. The world is undergoing rapid changes, with societies becoming more interconnected and environmentally aware; at the same time a more challenging global economy inspires in many a need to reach out and make a positive difference while seeking personal growth opportunities. There has never been a better time than now to travel abroad.