Travel Correspondent: Vonny, Argentina, Introduction


Name: Vonny
Age: 20
Host Country: Argentina
Nationality: Australian
Internship: Journalism

First Week in Buenos Aires

After flying almost 16 hours to reach my new home for two months, I was both ecstatic and exhausted beginning my adventure abroad. This is my first time solo travelling in another country, and for many years prior I have been dreaming about the day I would be living in Buenos Aires.

Arriving in the country felt like a seamless process with all the information provided to me by World Endeavors and I was quickly taken to my Palermo apartment and greeted by my housemates. I’m living with three American girls who are all incredibly easy to get along with, and luckily we all clicked straight away, so any preoccupations that I had about my living conditions were thwarted. The apartment is incredibly nice, with 22nd level views across the city skyline and across the bay – I can lie in bed and see Argentina and Uruguay in the same view!

Personally, I found the city easy to adapt to as its European flair makes it a good first South American country to visit. I don’t think I will ever get used to the crazy driving or roofs that leak water even in 30 degree (Celsius) days though!

The first week I attended Spanish classes which was a fantastic way to ease into the language here. My Spanish isn’t of a high level, so going over some exercises and learning the unique Argentine accent in class definitely helped. I was also incredibly lucky enough to be in a class with some lovely people, so every day after class we would explore the city and the food scene together. Because of the communities that have been formed through my living situation and through school, the transition to living abroad is much easier and I haven’t yet found myself feeling homesick or out of place in this city.

Posted by World Endeavors on    February 15, 2019

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