Iguazu Falls

As it’s my second last weekend in Buenos Aires, my roommate and I decided to take a few days to go up and visit Iguazu falls near the tri border between Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. After an easy 2 hour flight, we disembarked in the tropical town of Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) and instantly felt refreshed driving through the luscious vegetation of the national park. Arriving at our hostel, we were quickly snapped out of our relaxed states as we were told they didn’t have a reservation for us! I had the code and everything, until it was revealed that we had booked a hostel of the same name but on the Brazilian side of the park – which we didn’t have a visa for. Quickly we had to find another place to stay and ended up at the only other one with vacancy. The hostel itself was very basic, but did come with free bedbugs, and luckily we shared a room with some lovely backpackers from Israel who took us out for a pizza dinner (I’m very thankful for the background of Italian immigration when it comes to food in Argentina). The next day, we went to visit the picturesque falls where you can take either a train or multiple trails to view them from different points. We chose the low circuit which provided us with views of the waterfalls and even the ability to get close up to the wall of water. Being a sunny day, we were even treated to a rainbow which made for a perfect photo opportunity! Walking around the park, we also got to meet local wildlife and enjoy the shade from the beautiful trees that line the trails. Our final spot we visited was the Gargante del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) – a walkway that brought you to the top of the waterfalls. We were wondering why so many people were dressed in bathers and we soon found out – experiencing major splashback from the water which soaked us right through (if visiting, definitely wear a bathing suit!).

Returning from the park, and drying off in the tropical warmth, we explored the quaint town of Puerto Iguazu that included a strip of small shops selling goods such as wine, olives, small goods, alfajors, and chocolate. The following day we had to fly back to Buenos Aires to continue work and classes, but I am incredibly glad I got to witness the breathtaking falls and the cute town that surrounds them.

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Posted by World Endeavors on    March 5, 2019

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