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La Plata

Last week, my roommates and I ventured out of BA to the capital of the province of Buenos Aires – La Plata. This quaint town is an architect’s delight, with city planning taking light as an example to other towns. With streets numbered consecutively and in an easy-to-follow grid system, there was no way we could get lost here. As we wondered the streets and marvelled at the well manicured parks dotted with fountains and statues, we noticed an eerie presence in the town – there was nobody around!

Apparently a football game was going on a few towns over which meant the majority of the residents of La Plata had traded their homes for the stadium. Strangely enough, it was nice to explore a city on what felt like our own and it was freeing not to worry about the crazy Argentine traffic. We were able to see the main attraction of the town – the beautiful 19th century cathedral that took 90 years to build! Being long with incredibly high ceilings means there’s much room for stained glass windows and beautiful architraves and detailing, which the builders absolutely did not miss. It’s very clear to see the work that was put into building it and why it took so long to create. After exploring the reverent space, we took some time to check out the other buildings like the congress and some of the more opulent houses in the area. It was a lovely, peaceful afternoon and definitely something to check out if you’re a fan of architecture (my recommendation: go on a day with a football match!)

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Posted by World Endeavors on    February 27, 2019

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