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La Boca and Tigre

After giving myself a few weeks to get settled into my internship and adjust to life in Argentina, I decided to venture away from the neighbourhoods I’m used to and check out some notable spots. A group of us went on a lunch overlooked the port of La Boca and then into a street art tour of the various murals and pieces from the recent BA Street Art Festival. It was interesting to note what each of the murals stood for and the political or social commentary that surrounded it. They were all incredibly captivating and left you in awe of the artists who work on cranes in the hot Argentine sun to provide the neighbour with its colour and culture. The conglomeration of art, and the painted houses from when residents got left over paint from the ships at the nearby port, truly gives the town a unique and interesting feel, quite unlike anything I’ve experienced so far. The architecture of the old houses served as an edition to this, creating a picturesque place without forgetting its hard past. A few days later, I met with a woman who lives in La Boca and it was so nice to be able to speak to her about her town and have something in common.

Soon after, my roommates and I spent a day at Tigre, the well known lakeside town. It was a beautiful spot and so nice to be close to nature after spending so much time in the bustling city. We caught a ferry through the Delta River and observed all the gorgeous lakeside houses and the man made beach from the river – which looked very popular and inviting in the sun! Afterwards, we ventured through the sprawling market with barely enough time to appreciate the vast array of items for sale. Definitely make time for this market as it’s bigger than you think it will be! At lunch, we were treated to a show with an Argentine ‘Tango Singer’ who serenaded us with his deep voice while we dined. While we didn’t have a lot of time in Tigre, we got a good feel for it and would definitely go back to explore the surrounding town a bit more too. If travelling there, definitely take the bus one way as it’s interesting to see the small neighbourhoods between the city and Tigre.

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