First Week of the Internship

After spending my first week of classes exploring the city and attending open events, I felt both ready to start work and also sad to leave everyone in Spanish School. I am in a very fortunate position whereby one of my housemates also works at the same internship with me, so we are able to share the experience together. So far, it’s been a bit of a challenging adjustment to working in Argentina. As it’s January, a lot of people are on holidays or they are slow in easing back to work. When starting our first day, we essentially got to make up our own hours and schedule as there wasn’t one for interns and we found ourselves needed to be proactive when working in a place that doesn’t have the same structures as what we’re used to back home. Another challenge – for me personally – is that English isn’t spoken here, so I struggled my first day with a combination of nerves and pigeon Spanish to communicate with people. However, whilst it can be intimidating, it’s good practice to be thrown in the deep end and be challenged with having to survive in a situation like this.

I’m enjoying the work I’m doing so far, as I’m transcribing long interviews with an author that are actually super interesting to listen to (and thankfully in English!). I’m curious to see what the next six weeks bring, but whatever happens I’m lucky to have my housemate with me and to be working in a beautiful studio space that fosters creativity.



Posted by World Endeavors on    February 18, 2019

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