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Living Abroad

Almost reaching two months living abroad, I was reflecting with my roommate about homesickness and how it feels to live in a completely new and different place than what you’re used to. It can certainly be challenging when faced with learning a new language or adapting to foreign social norms, but for the most part we have felt like Argentina has been easy to become accustomed to. I’m yet to experience homesickness, and I doubt I will, however at points I have felt nostalgic for things back home, like certain traditions with family or seeing my friends. It’s definitely important not to ignore your life back home, but create a healthy balance between keeping up with your friends and family, but not letting your communication with them dominate your time abroad. For each person, it’s incredibly different and I feel lucky that I was able to adjust to life here. If thinking about living overseas, I’d definitely recommend creating different communities with people in your goal country, so you have support networks and people to turn to if you need it. This is definitely something that has made my time in Argentina easy and enjoyable, with the downside being that I am seriously going to miss the people, the routines, and the groups I have formed here

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Posted by World Endeavors on    March 7, 2019

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