Blog Post #3 – Phuket

Sawadee ka!

This past week has been incredibly busy with my internship as well as some time exploring and traveling to Phuket! I was able to snag some pretty insane deals on hotels, island tours, and volunteer at an elephant sanctuary!

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Phuket is home to 18 rescued elephants from unethical uses such as logging or circus entertainment. The employees here give the elephants a forever free home where they can eat as much as they want, play, bathe, swim, and do it all over again! As a volunteer for the day, you get to enjoy the opportunity to take care of the elephants for an afternoon. I was able to screen the elephants for their health, feed them, walk them to the watering hole, give them mud baths, and then hose them off afterwards! It is an amazing experience to get up close and personal with these gentle giants. They truly adore their caretakers for rescuing them and providing them with a new life.

Miranda Thailand - Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Phuket

Another day in Phuket was spent on a speedboat island touring through Phi Phi and Khai Islands! These islands are formed by giant limestone rocks sticking out of the ocean water, covered in lush green vegetation and based with white sand beaches. The views are breathtaking and pictures don’t do justice. We went to 7 different islands where we swam, snorkled, scuba dived, explored and relaxed! The trip was a full day’s worth and we were given a lunch buffet on one of the islands. It was a gorgeous experience!

I can’t believe I am already halfway done with my journey in Thailand. These last three weeks will consist of working/interning, exploring Bangkok more, trying new foods and later another weekend getaway to a surprise location! Stay tuned!


Miranda Thailand - Phi Phi Islands

Miranda Thailand - Phi Phi Islands 2

Miranda Thailand - beach

Miranda Thailand - clear water and fish

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