Miranda is out of quarantine and has hit the ground running! Read up to see all she has done in her first week out of her ASQ hotel.

Blog Post #2 – Post-Quarantine

Well, I made it! I was released from my ASQ hotel and picked up by my host family and was immediately welcomed with large smiles and laughter. My first evening in Bangkok was spent exploring the area around my host family’s home, trying street market food, and of course meeting the family!

The following day we ventured to Wat Pho, one of Thailand’s many temples around the Bangkok area. We were even able to explore the temple property free of charge due to the pandemic, and there were also very few people, making it easy to explore without the pressure of crowds.

I recently started my internship this past Monday, and also had to overcome my fear of the public transportation system (it sounded very intimidating at first, but I am slowly getting the hang of it)! I walk to the nearest sky train station and take about 3 different trains to work, interchanging at two stations. Bangkok is known for its heavy and slow traffic, so being able to get to work without the hassle of being stuck in a car in traffic is awesome.

My internship is at KT Saha Clinic, a manual orthopedic physiotherapy clinic that specializes in manual therapy, such as myofascial release techniques. My first two days were spent getting to know the staff, exchanging exposures and treatment plans, and even working with patients of my own. In addition, we are currently at a conference lecture in Rayong, where my mentor and his co-lecturer are giving lectures based on their knowledge with Functional Approaches to the Lower Body. Current physiotherapists are here as well as personal trainers around the Thailand area as this is their opportunity to continue their studies.

I have experienced some culture shock for sure, such as the high population of people in Bangkok, driving on the “wrong” side of the road, and of course the heat! Good thing there are AC units around. Lastly, the endless food opportunities is an experience in itself, as you can find and try something new everyday. I love being able to buy fresh fruit whenever I want, especially for the cheap price!

The next coming days will consist of continuing my first week of interning, making exercise prescription plans for patients, researching different topics of physiotherapy, and exploring Bangkok. These next 5 weeks will go by fast, and I am looking to make the most of it!


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