Caitlin: Expect the Unexpected

Whenever traveling, it is important to remember that things do not always go as planned. Sometimes, things work out for the better, and sometimes the unexpected things don’t turn out in our favor. But no matter which way things turn out, always remember to look for the positive and enjoy the ride. Travel isn’t supposed to be smooth sailing; the challenges are what help us to learn and grow during the adventure. I had a challenging and unexpected day this past weekend, but I was able to find the positive in the situation and have a good day. I hope my story will help you find the positive in your bad day as well.

I woke up early with plans to go to the Royal National Park with a friend. When we got to the train station, we realized that we would not be able to make it to the park in time before the tide got too high to see the figure 8 pools. So, we changed our plans and decided to go another week, and instead head to a different national park for the day. We found out what train we needed to take and ended up sitting in the train station for over an hour waiting for it to come. 2 trains later, we made it to the station where we needed to take one last bus to get there. The bus didn’t come for another near 90 minutes, so we grabbed some lunch at a delicious café instead. When we were waiting for the bus, we realized that google maps had steered us wrong! The app had told us that after the bus it would be a 3-minute walk to the place we wanted to go; it was actually 7 hours!! Not knowing what to do, since we had just traveled far outside Sydney to come, we decided to take the bus since it ran only every 2 hours, and decide when we get off the bus. The bus took us to the other side of the park, and we found some trails that we could take. While it wasn’t the part of the park we were planning on seeing, it was a positive that at least we would still see something. The trails were actually a lot of fun, and there were some very pretty views. Walking back to the bus stop, I thought that it had been a great day despite the change in multiple plans. However, when I got to the bus stop, I realized that my north face jacket had fallen off my bag somewhere on the trail. This was the last bus of the day, so if we didn’t catch it, we would not be able to take public transportation back to our train stop, which was over an hour walk away. I was hopeful to find my jacket though, so we missed the bus to look for it. Unfortunately, it was not anywhere to be found, so we took an Uber back to the station and began the journey home from Sydney. That night was cold and windy without a coat as I waited for my bus to come, which was late, and I had never been happier to get back home. Despite all the misfortunes that happened during the day, I still told myself that it was a good day. I had an adventure; not the one I planned, but it was still an adventure. It could have been worse, so there was no reason to dwell on what happened. Remember to always keep a positive attitude, and you will be grateful for every adventure, good or bad, that you have.


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Posted by World Endeavors on    July 24, 2018

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