After graduating with a degree in Studio Art, Amanda decided to kick off her professional career in style, with an Internship Abroad. Working for a clothing company in Valparaiso, Chile, she photographed new products and helped improve the company’s online store, and spent her free time exploring the region’s mountains, rivers, and wineries. 

Do you wish you could go abroad after college, and pursue your career at the same time? An Internship Abroad could be the perfect fit. Check out Amanda’s photos below to get inspired, and contact a World Endeavor’s Advisor today!

One day after work I went with a coworker up into the hill top neighborhoods of Valparaiso to see this incredible view! The city’s geography has the shape of an old fashioned theater, hills that form a semicircle around the ocean.

My coworkers and I take turns cooking lunch for the whole group. This day Mariana (second from right), a design intern from Colombia, cooked us rice and seasoned lentils with a potato and salad on the side.

A few houses down from my apartment,there’s a Chilean family that sells empanadas from their home. Their empanadas are delicious and only cost about $2 so I’ve become a regular! Empanadas are a very popular food here and are sold just about everywhere.


On my last day at work for the clothing company, I got to make my own poncho. It took forever but I’m really happy with how it turned out!


Some coworkers and I went up onto the roof of the factory to take a group photo before my last day was over. The sunset from up there was stunning!

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Posted by World Endeavors on    March 26, 2018

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