Amanda is putting her skills to work as a journalist and photographer for a clothing company in Valparaiso, Chile. When she’s not shooting photos in scenic Valpo, she’s traveling around the region, making new friends and enjoying the great outdoors.

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Life in Valparaiso

Some views of Valparaiso’s beautiful colors, art and ocean port near the Cerro Alegre neighborhood where my internship placement is. That’s me in front of the mural in the last pic. 

This is me at my internship. The company “upcycles” clothing to create one-of-a-kind style. I’ve been working with the media director to create a system for getting the company’s product online. This has involved figuring out the best way to photograph and collect information on each clothing piece, then developing an efficient process for uploading the content to the store website. 

Adventure to the North

A few weeks ago my roommate Gabi and I traveled 200 miles north to visit the Embalse Puclaro Dam in La Serena. There was a kite-surfing competition that weekend. We got to know some of the competitors staying at our hostel, and spent lots of time swimming in the warm water. 

During our stay in Puclaro, we met a really nice brother-sister pair from France who were traveling through Chile for the month. That’s Gabi 2nd from left, and me on the far right.

Gabi and I also spent a day sightseeing in Chile’s capital, Santiago. The first photo is the view from the top of Cerro San Cristóbal, and the second is us at Santa Lucía Hill.

Music, Argentinian BBQ, and Llamas

Last week Viña del Mar hosted the world famous Viña Fest, a week-long international music competition. Gabi and I attended one of the nights to see Luis Fonsi and Gente De Zona.
We spent last weekend in Mendoza, Argentina. These photos are from a vineyard-based horseback riding and Argentinian “asado” (BBQ) tour. I didn’t know that Argentina is famous for its asado – the food was delicious! We also made friends with the animals at the vineyard, of course.

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Posted by World Endeavors on    March 6, 2018

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