Nidhish, a Junior Biochemistry major from Texas, chose to do an internship abroad to experience a new culture while still working towards his goal of attending Medical School.

His Healthcare Internship is with an NGO that does public policy and social work to fight diseases like strokes, cancer, and diabetes. It’s essentially a customized Pre Med Internship with the added bonus of cultural immersion.

        “Being in Argentina this semester allows me to get a new perspective on health care and study a foreign language, as well as make friends from around the world, experience a fantastic new culture, and learn a lot about myself. So far it has exceeded my expectations and already feels like home.”

We’re excited to watch Nidhish’s international internship unfold over the next few months! Below are some highlights from his first week in the country.

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The colorful houses are what the barrio of La Boca is known for! They are by El Caminito, the famous artist’s street in the neighborhood. The streets here are full of art you don’t even have to go to a museum!







Palermo is partly known for its beautiful parks and I caught this clear reflection on a beautiful day while exploring some of the barrio’s many parks.






La Boca is famous not just for art but for sports, too — home to arguably the most famous futbol team in the region, the Boca Juniors. The stadium itself has an incredible atmosphere and I am hoping to go to a game here before I leave Buenos Aires!







This is me with my roommate (and friend from home) Joey, and our wonderful host Ramior. He has been incredibly welcoming and hospitable. We went out to a restaurant in Buenos Aires that night.






The city at night is just as vibrant as during the day. Here is the skyline of one of Buenos Aires’s barrios called Puerto Madero. It is a beautiful neighborhood right on the coast of the city.


Posted by World Endeavors on    October 9, 2017

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