Before her Internship in Chile, Amanda is doing an Environmental Conservation Volunteer Program in Costa Rica — with her mom and two sisters! We’re excited to see how their adventure unfolds. 

Into the Rainforest

Amanda, Katrina, and Olivia with Bob the Toucan

Our host mom drove us out to the La Paz waterfalls and wildlife rescue (near Alajuela), where my sisters and I shot this photo with Bob, the Alpha Male Toucan of La Paz.

My mom ran ahead of us on the hike, and took this photo of us in front of one of the several huge waterfalls in the La Paz Rainforest.

Finding Global Community

This weekend we visited some relatives outside San Jose. They live in an Intentional Community called Casa Adobe with a Salvadoran refugee family, a United States-American family, and a Peruvian-Costa Rican college student.

At Casa Adobe, dinner is a group effort. Everyone comes together to help with cooking, setting the table, cleaning and, of course, to share the meal. On our first night there we helped make a salad with a variety of greens picked from the community garden.

Democracy in Action

The next day we went with our cousins to see thousands of Costa Ricans in a march supporting equality measures in the upcoming election. It was fascinating and inspiring to walk alongside people fighting for tolerance and equality.

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Posted by World Endeavors on    January 24, 2018

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