Amanda has finished up her Environmental Conservation Volunteer project with her mom and sisters in Costa Rica, and is now on to her Internship in Chile!

After finishing up our last week at the Environmental Conservation Center, my mom, sisters and I headed to San Manuel Antonio, a small beach town on the edge of a forest reserve.

We saw lots of birds, iguanas, monkeys, a few sloths, and enjoyed spending time on some more remote beaches. 

After saying goodbye to my mom and sisters, I traveled to Viña del Mar, Chile, where I am now for the next 6 weeks to take Spanish classes and do an internship.

I live one block from Playa Acupulco; I walk to this beach with my Peruvian roommate, Gabriela, on sunny afternoons after work. It’s summer here, so the sun doesn’t set until about 9 PM.

My internship is with an artistic clothing brand that hand-makes unique clothing pieces from upcycled materials.

Some photos of the Valparaiso neighborhood near our storefront

There is beautiful street art all over pretty much every surface in “Valpo.”

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Posted by World Endeavors on    February 9, 2018

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