Rose is wrapping up her internship and shared photos of her travels and internship this week!

During a weekend trip to Krabi, Thailand I had the opportunity to Kayak through the jungle and mountains around several islands just south of Thailand. It was a lot of work but well worth the view. At different points we got to hop out and swim around while taking in the sights.

I met several other interns and had the opportunity to travel with them. We got really close throughout my trip and it felt like a family. During the week we had dinner together almost every night and on the weekends we would travel and go on adventures together. They were a major part of my experience.

While on a weekend trip to Krabi, Thailand we took a boat out to explore islands. The water was absolutely gorgeous and the mountains were huge. Although the boat may have been bumpy it was a fun ride to experience.

Sadly, I eventually had to say goodbye to the kids I worked with during my trip. It broke my heart to leave them I wish i could have stayed longer. I loved watching them grow everyday and getting to see their smiles every morning. Even with the barrier language I was able to communicate with each and everyone of them.

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Posted by World Endeavors on    August 21, 2019

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