Rose had the opportunity to travel to Chiang Mai and Hua Hin. Check out the photos from her trips!

During my journey in Chiang Mai I had the opportunity to go visit the Long Neck Tribe and see their culture and lifestyle. It was an incredible experience to hear there stories but what was really worth it was getting to see and buy their handmade jewelry. I was able to watch how they make it and waht styles they use then got the chance to purchase some pieces. Its definitely a worth see in Thailand.

ELEPHANTS!!!! What more needs to be said… But truthfully I visited an elephants sanctuary and fell in love. It was an afternoon of learning all about elephants and being able to feed them and wash them. I even got a kiss from one of them! They are incredibly smart creatures and will steal all of your love.

When I travelled to Chiang Rai I journeyed to three different colored temples; white, black and blue. All were beautiful but the detail in the blue temple was absolutely stunning. No matter what you were looking at it took your breath away. I enjoy going to the temples and learning more history and information about how your pray while there as well.

Even in your own backyard you can find beauty. My homestay is nearby a park and I was able to go exploring after work one day and just relax. The park was huge and you could ride bikes around, run, there was zumba, animals, so many other things you can do. It was fun being able to be a kid again and just go run around exploring a huge city park.

During a trip to Hua Hin I got to climb monkey mountain, thats right a mountain full of monkeys. I was able to feed them and they are so cute because they are like little humans that will just hold your hand and grab food. They werent scary at all and were actually really loving and just want to play. It should definitely be on everyone’s Thailand bucket list!

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Posted by World Endeavors on    August 9, 2019

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