Travel Correspondent: Raina, Thailand Week 8

During Raina’s eighth week in Thailand, she wrapped up her time at the Public Health Center and took another trip to the beach. Here are some of the highlights from the past week!

My last week at the public health center! I can’t believe how quickly it flew by. Before I tell you about the emotional goodbye party, I also had some more fun community experiences.

Every Monday the afternoon clinic focuses on antenatal care (ANC). Pregnant women can come in and get a check up. We check for the baby’s heart beat and counsel the Mom on proper nutrition and activity. The health center provides manuals that explain the process of how to have a healthy pregnancy as well as important child development milestones. It’s a great resource! The women bring the manual to whatever clinic they visit and all the doctors/nurses can see the patient’s progress and notes. Its a very educational resource for the patient and doctor. PiChu showed me how to detect a baby heart beat with an old school ultrasound machine.

She also uses this handy wheel to calculate due dates quickly and see the timeline of pregnancy.

Another community event I observed was a health seminar at the secondary school next to the center. Through interactive presentations students learned about HIV and TB prevention, sexual health education and tobacco use. The program’s target audience is 13-14 year olds because this age is early enough to have a preventative effect according to the program manager. Out of 100 schools in Bangkok 10 are classified as “high risk” and have this interactive program in place. The students break up into small groups and do activities at the 4 different stations. The sexual health one specifically was very thorough and detailed about STDs and how to use condoms. It was cute/funny to see the middle schoolers reactions to being handed handfuls of condoms.

(Standard Health check up. The pink/white pouches are full of condoms! Glad they’re teaching kids to be safe ?)

Our going away party was very emotional. I was blown away with all the staff who showed up and gave us gifts. Vanessa and I took PiChu out for lunch and a foot massage. She is so sweet! I’ve really enjoyed my time with her and at the center. Overall the internship exceeded my expectations! Even with a language and cultural barrier you really can still form strong connections. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and gotten to know one of the most diligent, hardworking, kind and compassionate nurses I’ve ever met. She will be retiring next year. She is looking forward to celebrating by traveling and exploring Hong Kong and Singapore with her son.

PiChu gave Vanessa and I each a little coin purse that she bought in Chiang Mai 20 years ago. She also gave me a pair of earrings that she said gives you strength and repels negative energy. Very thoughtful gifts!

Our little work family 🙂

I had a really fun weekend with some new interns. We met up in Ko Samed which is a popular weekend getaway for the locals. This is honestly one of my favorite islands so far. The beach wasn’t too crowded or dirty. We went on a sunset snorkeling tour after lounging and swimming on the beach for most of the day. It was a beautiful and fun bumpy ride in the boat.

After the sunset we went to the beach bars and saw people doing fire limbo. I got carried under the flames twice. It was a fun little rush. After our fire show we found a loud bar that was playing some great dance songs. We met some other Americans, found some neon body paint and literally danced until the bar closed. It was a blast!

The next day I got a massage on the beach (my usual weekly routine ?) and soaked up as much sun as I could before catching the ferry back to the mainland.


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