Travel Correspondent: Raina, Thailand Week 3

During Raina’s third week in Thailand, she found time to relax and recharge, as well as made some really great connections. Here are some of the highlights from the past week!

Vanessa and I found out there is a yoga class offered at the health center every Wednesday and Friday. We are definitely excited to be joining this class. The teacher Anina is awesome! She helps you with adjustments and is very supportive and encouraging. I feel challenged but relaxed in her class.

After a long day at work I found a vegan cafe and a beautiful park right next to each other. Those of you who know me know that being out in nature and eating dessert is one way that I like to de-stress and practice self care. This was a great afternoon, I enjoyed some quality time with myself.

Evening food market close to my house. I haven’t eaten here since I usually eat dinner at home. But, I love seeing all the activity and interesting smells on my walk home.

This week the clinic had a TB prevention conference (in English!). We learned about the burdens and stigma that is associated with Tuberculosis (TB). The conference had attendees from neighboring countries such as: Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. The city of Bangkok is trying hard to decrease the number of cases with preventive screenings and educating the community about how to manage symptoms, treatment, household contact and changing the attitudes of how patients interact with the community and loved ones. I learned that clinics are disguising the name “TB clinic” and are offering sunrise and sunset hours to accommodate patients who don’t want to pick up their medications/treatments during work hours. Treatment is free here! Currently a local university is doing a study that is offering to pay patients in order to help them adhere to consistently taking their TB medications. I think this is a great idea! Especially when commuting to a health clinic everyday for 6 months can be expensive.

The woman I sat next to started chatting with me and told me she works at the Ministry of Public Health. After telling her that Vanessa and I are interns she offered to have us come visit her office and show us what she does as a public health officer. (I’ve noticed a few times and I’m not sure why, but Thais always put up peace fingers in their photos – haha. I just go along with it).

This encounter highlights the reoccurring theme at my internship: networking. You can learn so much and get connected to different opportunities by just being open and willing to have an engaged conversation with someone. I learned this with this woman (Rujira) and with Dr. Somboon (who I mentioned last week connected me with HR at a wellness resort).

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