Raina’s second week in Thailand has been very educational and exciting. Here are some of the highlights from the past week!

With my host family we went and released live fish into a nearby lake. The fish are bought at the market. The grandmother who passed away a few months ago used to do this often. Freeing the fish is symbolic of us needing to let go of things and live freely.

I shadowed anti aging doctor Dr. Somboon for a day at his two wellness centers. He told me that they specialize in preventative medicine and anti aging which focuses on improving a patient’s hormone levels. The wellness centers have a workout room that specialize in showing a patient how to do exercises with correct posture.  Rather than just doing exercises to break a sweat, Dr. Somboon and his team make sure you are doing the correct form first. They even have a high altitude room which increases the amount of red blood cells and allows you to have more oxygen circulating in your blood when working out. Ultra athletes usually use this type of environment.

NICHE Natural Health is opening a healthy food cafe. I helped brainstorm what menu items they could have that would be delicious and pretty easy to make. We came up with jar salads and chia seed fruit pudding. I love cooking with chia seeds, quinoa and vegetables at home. It definitely is not a common thing to cook with these items here. I was feeling pretty excited that they wanted to use some of my ideas.

Went out to do karaoke with my coworkers!

I went to the countryside this weekend (cover photo). It was a 3hr drive to the farm house out there. Vanessa and I helped them plant in their garden and prepare their house to get blessed by the Monks. It was a cool ceremony and I was happy to help them do work around their house. My host mom told me that her goal and dream for this property is to have a farm stay for students to come to. She would teach them how to grow organic vegetables and they would teach English at the local school. It definitely was a beautiful place! The picture is of my hosts being silly. They are such a sweet and amazing couple! I love staying with them.


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