Travel Correspondent: Raina, Healthcare Intern, Thailand

Raina is a Healthcare Intern in Thailand, where she is working with public health center.

We’re excited to watch Raina’s international internship unfold over the next few months! Below are some highlights from her first week in Thailand.

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With a Chinese Guardian statue outside of Wat Pho “It was beautiful and majestic. It is known for having a large statue of the reclining Buddha (I couldn’t get a good picture of it to do it justice). The first official Thai massage school started here as well.”

My host family is very accommodating about my roommate and I’s vegetarian/vegan diet. They prepared this beautiful meal for us using plants from their garden.

“At work I sat in on diabetes prevention patient counseling session. I really like how the nurse uses this BMI calculator. It is a great visual diagram for the patient to see how their weight and height are categorized for their health risk. “

“Bangkok’s rainy season has officially started. This is a view from a rooftop bar…you can see the rain moving in.”



“Visiting the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai. My friend and I got to feed the elephants and make their favorite treats, take a mud bath and help bathe them. It was an incredible experience! I loved the elephants. I wanted to support a humane and ethical sanctuary. This one did not allow riding.”








Posted by World Endeavors on    May 8, 2018

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