Margherita is a Teaching Volunteer in Costa Rica, where she is working at an Montessori school.

We’re excited to watch Margherita’s volunteer project unfold over the next few weeks! Below are some highlights from her first week in Costa Rica.

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Cover photo: The house in the jungle”: this is my homestay, a lovely house in the lush vegetation. It’s rain season now so everything around is so green! I love being immersed in nature, it’s something I miss living in a big city like Milan.

“El arco iris”, the rainbow. I spotted it the first day, and I took it as a welcome sign. There couldn’t be a best way to start off an adventure in a new country!

“The misty volcano”: this is the crater of the Irazú Volcano. It was cold and rainy but the misty atmosphere was just magical! I felt like I was in another world!

“Walking on the moon”: I was still in the volcano, walking on the dark ashes, and I felt like I was walking on the moon! An unforgettable experience!

“The pizote”: this little guy is a pizote, a coati that I saw at the volcano. I had never seen such a cute animal! This country is a continuous discover, and I’m looking forward for the next adventure!

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Posted by World Endeavors on    August 9, 2018

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