Kat is on an Environmental Conservation Volunteer program with her Mom and two sisters, and she’s keeping us posted with updates and drawings from her experience there!

“Our first week in Costa Rica has been fantastic. Our host family lives in the center of Atenas, so we are able to walk around the city as much as we like. We are particularly enjoying working at our Volunteer placement – everyone is so welcoming and kind.

“I’m working with a retired biology teacher named Doña, who is developing a book about turtle nutrition and health. I offered to complete some drawings of plants for her book.”

Bastón de Emperador (Torch Ginger)

“Doña has been wonderful to work with; she is passionate about her work and has taught me a lot about biology.”

Ave de Paraiso (Bird of Paradise)

“I am so happy to be working with Doña, and am excited to complete more drawings. As I get to know her and her work, I get to practice my Spanish and learn more about plants in Costa Rica.”

Read more on the Schroeder family adventure here. If you’re interested in Volunteer Abroad programs with friends or family, contact a Program Advisor today!

Posted by World Endeavors on    February 2, 2018

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