Caitlin: Excursion to the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves

This weekend I went on a bus tour with Colourful Trips to the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves. I was especially excited for this tour because I had heard that the Blue Mountains was one of the must-see places near Sydney.

The first stop we made was at the Three Sisters rock formation (cover photo). We had a nice, clear morning, so the view was stunning all around. Our tour guide told us the Aboriginal story of the Three Sisters rock formation; There were three beautiful sisters who fell in love with three men from another tribe. The men came and stole them away one night. The sister’s tribe was not happy, so they stole them back. The tribe was afraid the men would steal the sisters away again and start a war, so a spell was cast on the sisters to turn them into rock so the men could not take them. Unfortunately, the one who cast the spell was killed, and no one else knew how to reverse the spell, so the three sisters will remain as rocks forever.

Along our way to Jenolan Caves, we pulled along the side of the road in an open area to spot wild kangaroos and wallabies. The best part of my day was being able to approach the animals and pet them. If done properly, they are so calm and will come right to you. It was an amazing experience.

When we made it to Jenolan Caves, we had time to explore along the Blue Lake, named after it’s magnificent blue color. I had never seen water that color before. Platypus live in the lake, but unfortunately, they did not come out for a visit. On this tour, we explored the Lucas Cave, which is the most popular of all the caves at Jenolan. The cave is all naturally made by water that wore away the limestone to create holes. Words cannot describe the beauty of the caves.

Our last stop was at Govet’s Leap, a point where Charles Darwin once stood. This lookout provides a great panoramic view of the Blue Mountains. I was lucky enough to see it as the sun was beginning to set and form a nice yellowish haze in the background.

If you ever make it to Sydney, this excursion is a must see!


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