Caitlin: Creativity Inc.

One of my internship placements here in Sydney is at Creativity Inc., an organization aimed at providing the highest quality of life to individuals with various disabilities, including autism, down syndrome, intellectual disability, and more. I am working in the adult day program. Participants spend the day in this program doing various activities in the center as well as in the community.

Activities in the center focus on living skills, sensory activities, exercise, leisure, and more. Many of the participants enjoy karaoke, and it is fun to watch them get excited and steal the show. During my first week, I have also seen a cooking, music, and exercise group.

Most days, participants may also go on an excursion in the community such as swimming, museums, paper route, the zoo, bowling, community garden, and much more. These excursions provide the participants with an opportunity to increase their social participation, communication, and daily living skills while emphasizing the importance of inclusion within the community.

I have only been at Creativity Inc. for a week, but I have already seen and learned so much. This placement is an experience I have not had before, so I look forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and learning while also having fun and applying my occupational therapy education to my work here.


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