Caitlin: Royal National Park Part 2

This weekend I went to the opposite side of the Royal National Park from the figure 8 pools to complete the coastal track to Wedding Cake Rock. The trip to get to the park is an adventure in itself. After taking a train ride to Cronulla, I took a beautiful ferry ride to Bundeena. Bundeena’s water is breathtaking, as it goes from completely clear and changes to a bright, beautiful blue the further out it goes. Both Bundeena and Cronulla are nice little areas to walk around. The track also has spectacular views as you hike up and down along the coast. The hike took about an hour one way, so it is not too strenuous and definitely worth it! There are a lot of cliffs overlooking the water, which was the perfect spot to have a picnic lunch overlooking Wedding Cake Rock (which does in fact look like a white tiered wedding cake!). A trip (or two) to the Royal National Park is a must do when in Sydney!


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Posted by World Endeavors on    August 23, 2018

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