Travel Correspondent: Caitlin, Australia, Sunshine Coast

Caitlin- Sunshine Coast Excursion

This weekend, I left Sydney and headed to Mooloolaba in the Sunshine Coast. This was the trip I had been most looking forward to for my time here in Australia! Not only is Mooloolaba home to two founding members of one of my favorite bands, the Newsboys, it is also close to Steve Irwin’s (the Crocodile Hunter) zoo!


I could not wait to get to the zoo on Sunday morning! If you are looking for a great zoo to go to in Australia, do not miss this one. You genuinely see the passion that each worker has for the job and the love for the animals as they carry on Steve Irwin’s legacy. This was one of the best zoos I have ever been to, and it was very interactive. I loved going into Roo Heaven, where the kangaroos and wallabies roam free and lay next to us humans to be pet and fed roo food. I even got to see a kangaroo joey in the pouch, which was adorable! There are also various shows throughout the day, but the most popular is the wildlife warriors show at the Crocosseum. This is one of the famous shows Steve Irwin used to do, where various types of birds, snakes, and other wildlife come out and show us their skills. At the end, they bring out a crocodile for a feeding. My favorite part of the zoo was being a part of the koala cuddling experience. I got to hold a baby koala joey named Logan. He was so soft and cuddly, although he had very sharp claws! It was a moment I will never forget.

If you’re coming to Australia, don’t miss out on the Sunshine Coast and Australia Zoo!


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