Caitlin- Byron Bay Excursion

This past weekend I left Sydney for another weekend adventure. This time I went to Byron Bay, a beach town in New South Wales, almost to the border of Queensland. Being north from Sydney again was great because it meant the weather was warmer!

Byron Bay is a great place to go if you like lounging on the beach all day. If you’re like me and that isn’t your cup of tea, try the Cape Byron walking path. The nearly 4km hike was certainly challenging, up steep inclines and many stairs, but the views made it worth it. The beaches in Byron Bay are beautiful with sparkling blue waters. From some of the lookouts along the way I was even able to see some whales breaching! Not only do you get to hike along the beach, and through rain forest, but you get to see the most easterly point of the Australian mainland as well as the Cape Byron Lighthouse.

Byron Bay has a relaxed feel to it, so if you are looking for someplace to go that doesn’t have the hustle and bustle of a city, this is the perfect place for you.


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Posted by World Endeavors on    August 11, 2018

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