Caitlin- Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge

This week I was finally able to do something I have been looking forward to for months: climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge! I chose to do a night climb so I could see the city all lit up, and I was certainly not disappointed. I would recommend climbing the bridge to anyone who comes to Sydney. Although it is quite expensive, it is most definitely worth it.

The climb begins with some safety information and preparation for the climb. You must sign a health declaration and safety form and take a breathalyzer test to ensure you are not under the influence of alcohol. Then, the guide will hand out body suits to change into. Once everyone is in the suit, you get equipped with everything you need to make the climb, including a hankie, beanie, harness, fleece or raincoat depending on the weather, headlight, walkie talkie, and headset. Once rigged up, you go through a climb simulator, which is up and down a few ladders. This ensures that everyone is physical able to complete the actual bridge. By the time you are ready to start the climb, you feel like a professional!

The climb itself was breath taking. You have 360-degree views of Sydney Harbor and the city, and on the night climb you get to see the views at sunset and when it is dark and all lit up. Nothing beats seeing the opera house with all the lights surrounding it. It is an amazing feeling to be standing at the summit of the Harbor Bridge, Australian flag waving in the air, knowing that you accomplished something that many people are afraid to do. This was a moment I will never forget.


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Posted by World Endeavors on    July 21, 2018

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