During Abigail’s fifth week in Italy we get a look into her internship and her weekend in Cinque Terre. Here are some of the highlights from the past week!

On Monday, we went to Red Cross clinic in the hills of Florence and saw the Florence Red Cross do a presentation of all their different units with a lunch after. The Red Cross building here had a beautiful view of the city of Florence

The weekend was spent in Cinque Terre, just a 3 hour train ride outside of Florence and is the land of 5 cities. It has beautiful beaches, hiking, and small town charm.

We got back to Florence on Sunday and had time to explore some of the museums and gardens in the city. The first Sunday of every month is free admission to the museums, making it very easy to see some of the top sites in Florence at no cost. We were able to see David, Pitti Palace, Boboli Gardens, and Uffizi Gallery!

On Thursday night my roommate and I went to a Red Cross event. We drove around the city, giving out bags with food, tea, and bottles of water to the homeless for about 4 hours.

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