The name “Australia” evokes images of wild outbacks, vast beaches and coral reefs, and shiny modern cities, with elements of both sophistication and ruggedness. It has established itself as a center of culture, commerce, and cuisine, and it may just be the perfect location for an international internship.


The language barrier won’t stop you.


Learning a new language is a daunting task, and can deter many people from going abroad. As an English-speaking country, Australia will set your worries at ease by offering the comfort of a familiar language. You can rest assured that you will not only be able to thrive in your internship placement, but you will be able to make meaningful connections with the people you meet while abroad. However, you may want to brush up on your Aussie lingo before you depart!


Enjoy all the perks of a modern city…


Sydney is a fascinating and cosmopolitan hub with a bustling music and arts scene, hundreds of acres of parks and attractions, and a very easy-to-use public transportation system. Your internship placement in this sunny city will be a quick ride from your apartment, and from there you will be able to experience life as true Sydneysider. Attend festivals, galleries, and concerts, and sample cuisine from around the globe in this world-class urban center. Your time outside of your internship will always be well spent.


…and still remain close to nature.


As if the miles of beaches along Sydney’s city limits couldn’t satisfy your outdoor needs, consider the many national parks in its surrounding area. Visit with Australia’s iconic wildlife at nearby sanctuaries, or take a weekend trip north along the coast and go for a dive in the Great Barrier Reef. If you really want to go rogue, head into the Australian Outback for sights such as Uluru or King’s Canyon. Be sure to pack your sunscreen, as Australia is often called “The Sunburned Country!”


You will broaden your skill set and experience in your field.


With internship placements in over 25 different fields of interest, World Endeavors interns gain valuable, real-world experience while immersing themselves in a new culture. Not only will you work on the skills necessary to be successful in your field, but also the skills that are developed when living in a new place—adaptability, independence, cross-cultural communication skills, and so many more. You will enrich your outlook on life as well as your resume with an internship in Australia.


You will unlock a world of opportunity.


An international experience will open doors you never knew existed. You will observe and immerse yourself in a culture on the opposite side of the world and connect with people you otherwise would never meet, and it will change you. Your worldview will forever be altered to encompass these incredible new experiences and help you become a more globally-minded citizen. You may discover things about yourself and about the world that you never imagined, and you will only be a better person for doing so.


Mary Ann Radmacher once said, “I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” The same can be said about the sun, and that is how you will feel after spending time in this beautiful, sunburned country.


Are you ready to start your application to intern in Australia? Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are due 16 week prior to your intended start date. Reach out to one of our knowledgeable World Endeavors advisors today to get started!



Posted by World Endeavors on    July 14, 2016

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