Why go abroad? How’s this:

A recent study shows that 64% of employers prefer applicants with international experience.

Makes sense why Jenna over there –> is smiling (she did an Internship in Ireland). But boosting your resume isn’t the only way going abroad can benefit you.

Are you thinking of going abroad? Maybe you’re hoping to study abroad, or land an international internship. Maybe you’re close to graduation — or already in the workforce — and want to learn how to go abroad after college. While Wikipedia is a great place to start to get some good general ideas, there’s a lot it can’t tell you, namely, how going abroad will change your life.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of what our 2017 participants had to say about their experience. Want to hear what going abroad can really do for you? Read on!

Going abroad will help you:

1. Develop Professional Confidence

Jaqi wanted to find a killer internship after college, one that would prepare her for the hardest parts of her profession. Here’s what she had to say about her Occupational Therapy Internship in Costa Rica:

“Interning abroad was priceless. I learned how to communicate with patients from a different culture, and I am confident in my ability to communicate with any and all patients back in the US.” 

 Read more about Jaqi, Occupational Therapy Intern in Costa Rica

2. Apply Classroom Learning in Real Life

Tats, a college junior, didn’t just want a vacation. He wanted to fully experience cultural immersion, one of the greatest benefits of studying abroad. Here’s what he said about Study Abroad in Germany:

“It’s one thing to learn to learn in a classroom. Ultimately, the purpose of the classroom is to be able to do new things in the outside world. I could apply what I had learned, and my enthusiasm for learning built on itself the more I communicated with native speakers.”

          Read more about Tats, Study Program in Germany

Tats at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

3. Learn Cross-Cultural Communication

We live in a polarized time here in the United States, but the world is only becoming more and more integrated. Learning how to build relationships across cultures is essential for success in the 21st Century. Here’s a tip from Sammy, an Intern in Thailand, about working with colleagues when you don’t speak the same language:

“It makes a huge difference when you eat with the people you work with. A lot of experiences, stories and jokes are shared when you eat, and you don’t always need language to understand.”

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4. Say “Yes” and Take Risks

During her Journalism Internship in Quito, Ecuador, Monica learned how to write and edit for radio broadcasts, went zip-lining, and joined a weekend excursion to visit a tribal community that traces its roots back further than the Mayans. Her cultural experience was the real thing – not just another vacation.

Monica, a journalism intern in Ecuador

“The answer is always yes. I learned how not to be scared and say yes because you realize that life is short and the greater regret is not taking opportunities.”

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Monica photographed her friend with a Tschilas tribe member on their excursion

There are more good answers to the question “why go abroad” than we could possibly count. We hope you’ll consider going abroad in 2018!

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Posted by World Endeavors on    December 19, 2017

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