We are delighted to introduce Sydney, WE Travel Correspondent blogging and sharing photos from Dublin, Ireland and beyond. She is currently interning with a travel agency, and we’re excited to journey with Sydney throughout the Emerald Isle!

Blog Post #1

21 May 2022 – And it begins! The trip of a lifetime. I have always had an overwhelming desire to travel. It never mattered if the destination was far from home or to the next town, it was always an experience worth living. To travel abroad and be immersed in the local culture is something that I have always dreamed of, and it’s safe to say is what inspired me to study Travel and Tourism! I’m from a very small town in Indiana and haven’t had the opportunity to travel much, but after learning about all the rich history and culture of different countries I made it a point to choose somewhere far away from home to experience.

Sydney's flight tickets and looking out the window at her plane

22 May 2022 – The trip wasn’t as bad as I was expecting! I got in right around 5:10 and got through customs super quickly. Although I did feel like I was being interrogated by the customs officer since I had to provide documentation about my accommodations as well as my internship. But other than that, things went smoothly. I got to finally meet my host family and they are very kind people. Their house is beautiful, and I am very grateful that I am able to stay in such a nice place while I am here. We got on well and they showed me around a little before I was too exhausted to go on any longer. A 7-hour flight really takes it out of you I suppose because I took a really long nap this afternoon and only pulled myself out of bed for dinner, which by the way was amazing.

View of brick home from outside with trellis covered in pink flowers and vines

This is their beautiful home, if you look closely, you can see Lola in the window saying hello.

23 May 2022 – Today was the big day! I officially survived the first day working with Ei Travel Group in their Irish Day Tours office. Everyone was so warm and welcoming; it was such a relief to learn that I will be working with kind and considerate people. On top of that, I hit the ground running. They started me off right out of the gate with two tours and another scheduled for tomorrow! I got to go on the City Sightseeing Bus Tour which took about 2 hours and showed off some of Dublin’s most famous sites. The guide/recording was very informative and gave great insight into each site’s history and relevance to Ireland. I then got the chance to learn about Irish whiskey and taste four different kinds at the Irish Whiskey Museum. I am for sure not a whiskey girl and I now know that.

Close-up of Sydney holding the City Sightseeing Dublin brochure

Here I am at the beginning of the City Sightseeing Tour, I was super excited.

Overall everything has gone swimmingly and I can’t wait to see what else these next weeks have in store! World Endeavors has really helped make the process of interning abroad seem less hectic and I appreciate all of their help thus far! Can’t wait to fill you in on the Celtic tour I am scheduled for later this week.

All the best,
Sydney ☺

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