Blog Post #2 – Settling In –

There is an immeasurable, unbelievable, preposterous amount of things to do in the city of Buenos Aires. Arriving in Buenos Aires was sort of like trying a new restaurant: a restaurant that I heard lots about, that I had high expectations for, that other people in my life had eaten at and gave me recommendations. Yet, when I sat down at the table, the wait staff approached me with a 35 pound menu, 50,000 pages long. Um…so, do I start at page 267 or 30,879? This is how I felt my first two weeks. And I mean this analogy in the best way possible. This feeling of never ending opportunity here is an energy that has fueled me through all of my explorations in the city – and the country – thus far. This blog post is where I tell you how excited I am to be here. Leaving home, for some (like me!), is always tough. But making a new home somewhere else makes the leaving oh-so-worth-it. I leave you with some photos from my first weeks of travel in Argentina.

black and white photo of a cafe storefront in Buenos Aires, and a woman and child walking with an umbrella

Cafe down the street from my apartment

black and white photo of Monumento a la Carta Magna, a large white stone sculpture with a figure at the top and many smaller figures along the sides in layers

Monumento a La Carta Magna

black and white photo of Iguazu Falls - a large waterfall with trees in the foreground

Iguazu Falls

black and white photo of a blurry motorcycle whizzing by a roadside stand

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Posted by World Endeavors on    February 21, 2022

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