As one of the few cities that can rival the beauty of Paris, Prague is a cosmopolitan capital full of history that goes back a millennium.The city boasts the best beer in Europe and features towering medieval architecture. Here are our top five places to see to get the most spires and out of this enchanting city.

1. Prague Castle

While exploring the city, you can’t miss Prague Castle. Covering a total area larger than seven football fields, it holds the Guinness World Record for largest ancient castle in the world. The castle has always been the dwelling of Czech monarchs, as well as the head of state.  Lined with tall spires, the castle commands a strong presence in the city center. Inside its walls reside historic buildings, museums and galleries showcasing Czech culture and artistry.

2. Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock is one of Prague’s greatest treasures and it has been for over 600 years! This aesthetically unique clock not only tells the time, but also shows the day in context of the week, month and year. It tracks Central European, Babylonian and Sidereal time. Without a doubt, the most amazing aspect of the clock is its moving statues. Every hour, on the hour, Death (depicted as a skeleton) rings a bell and the 12 Apostles walk past the windows above the clock. At the end of the procession, a rooster crows and the hour is rung. The clock is also adorned with statues of various religious figures, such as: Paul, Thomas, Jude, Simon, Bartholomew and Barnabas. This is a must-see for travelers to Prague.

3. Charles Bridge

Made under the direction of King Charles IV in 1357, Charles Bridge is a top attraction in Prague. The bridge is made up of 16 arches and lined with 30 baroque-style statues of religious figures. Walking across the bridge is a very popular activity. For the best view and experience, try to take a stroll at dawn or later in the evening. During the day, artists, musicians and vendors line the bridge along with a hoard of tourists. Charles Bridge is also an excellent place to view the Prague Castle – especially at sunset.

4. Klasterni Pivonar Strahov

While in Prague, you simply cannot miss the opportunity to experience some of the best beer Europe has to offer! Klasterni Pivonar Strahov is a brewery located very close to the Prague Castle in the building of the Strahov Monastery. This brewery has a history dating back to the early 1300s. It was closed in 1907, but was recently restored in 2000 with the reconstruction of the entire complex. Now, the brewery offers seating for 350 people and holds two giant copper brewing kettles to serve its two types of beer: St. Norbert ( a dark brew) and Polotmavy (a hoppy lager). This is a great stop for IPA-style beer lovers.

5. Vinograf

For those who prefer wine to beer, check out Vinograf. Although Prague is a beer town, quality wine is becoming more and more popular. Vinograf is a very new wine bar, but it is already defining wine culture in the city. The wine bar and restaurant combo serves a variety of quality Czech wines, as well as wines from Austria, France, Italy and many other areas. Vinograf’s menu pairs excellently with the over 650 bottles of wines customers have to choose from. Book a table and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and let Vinograf’s knowledgeable staff find a food and wine pairing that suits your taste – the combinations are endless!


Source: Tjflex2, “Prague Castle” June 16, 2009 via Flickr

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