As fall departs, those traipsing around the globe during their international experiences are looking for adventure prior to the on-coming cold. Whether you’re hoping for a simple stroll through a beautiful landscape or looking to conquer one of nature’s wildest masterpieces, finding balance between these two extremes can sometimes be a difficult task.

The Lake District, located in North-Western England and the area surrounding Lake Windemere, offers a combination of these activities. This wonderland of adventure and beauty can satisfy the needs of any traveler. With the region’s ranking as the largest national park in England, the vast stretches of land and water – it is the Lake District – offer a wealth of opportunities to explore.



For those seeking a moderate thrill, take to the lake! Here, there is no shortage of activities right on the water. Kayak, canoe, and boat rentals are available on all the lakes, including Lake Windemere, England’s longest lake. Take a short canoe trip from Bowness Bay over to Belle Isle, or take a much longer trip and traverse the length of the lake – a distance of 11.23 miles.


If paddling through the water is too tame, there are other opportunities for those wanting a bigger adventure. There are several companies that offer the chance to climb up, scale across, and jump into strong rivers and water falls in the mountainous regions. This certainly guarantees an exciting experience.



For those less inclined towards adventure, one of the best ways to view the beautiful landscape surrounding Lake Windemere is to take a walk through it! Several walking trails lead into the hills or around the lake, such as the trail just south of Wray Castle, which leads through the woods and meadows around the lakeshore. The trek, which ends at Mitchell Wyke Ferry Bay, is just shy of four miles, with plenty of beautiful photo opportunities.


The Lake District also has several options for travelers not looking for an outdoor adventure to enjoy. For travelers who prefer to read about adventure rather than partake have the opportunity to visit the homes of Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth. Architectural fans can admire Dalemain, a prominent house in the countryside. Food-focused individuals must dine at The Old Stamp House Restaurant, Choccobar, and The Grasmere Hotel Restaurant, three of the most popular restaurants in the region.

Whether food, stories, or adventure is what a traveler is looking for, it is guaranteed you will find it in this watery landscape.


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