Where Should You Go Abroad This Summer?

If you’re into business and finance, how about London? Or if you want something quieter in the British Isles, how about her pastoral cousin, Ireland?

For those itching to put that high school Spanish to work, how about Spain? But don’t count out Latin America, either, where you can learn how Spanish language has interacted with South American cultures.

Or, you could journey to the other side of the world: Thailand.

There’s a lot to consider. And as with all big life questions, it’s best to use the one thing we know we can always count on: Star Wars.

Check out these 5 Star Wars film locations for inspiration – and who knows, maybe when you’re there, they’ll be shooting the next film!

1. London, England (Film: “Rogue One”)

Photo by McGinnly (own work) via Wikimedia Commons 

You’re looking at one of the few escalators in the world that both Bankers and Storm Troopers have ridden. That’s because this London Tube station, Canary Wharf, was the location for an Imperial Base in “Rogue One.” Want to learn how to be as efficient and effective as The Empire, but without all the darkness and evil? Check out Internships in London, to learn how a few months in the world’s financial capital could accelerate your career.

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2. Skellig Michael, Ireland (Film: “The Last Jedi”)

Photo by Jerzy Strzelecki via Wikimedia Creative Commons

Director J.J. Abrams found the perfect location for Luke Skywalker’s hideout at the end of the world: Skellig Michael, a tiny, rocky island that was once inhabited by Irish monks.

Photo by Rob Burke via Wikimedia Commons

They lived in small, domed-rock enclosures, which were ideal for Luke’s second incarnation in the Star Wars series as a reclusive and grizzled Jedi master. Skellig Michael is one of many historic sites in Ireland, a great country for Museum and Cultural Management or Architecture and Landscape Architecture Internships.

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3. Seville, Spain (Film: “Attack of the Clones”)

Photo by Carlos Delgado via Wikimedia Commons

Architecture buffs and Star Wars fanatics alike will recognize this location, Plaza de Espana, in Seville. This gorgeous, moated plaza, built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, is a stunning blend of unique Spanish Architectural styles. It also served as the location for a palace that Padme and Anakin visit on the planet of Theed.

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4. Mayan Ruins in Tikal National Park, Guatemala (Film: “A New Hope”)

Photo by chensiyuan. GFDL or Wikimedia Creative Commons

Guatemala is known for its stunning artifacts and architectural sites from the Mayan Civilizations, which flourished for thousands of years before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors. Indigenous descendants of the Mayans produce coffee, clothing, baskets, and other handmade goods seen in marketplaces across the globe. The jaw-dropping site of these ancient temples poking through the high jungle canopy was the backdrop for the Rebel Alliance’s outpost, Massissi, on Yavin’s fourth moon.

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5. Phang Nga Bay, Thailand (Film: “Revenge of the Sith”)

Photo by JanRehschuh  via Wikimedia Creative Commons

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the birthplace of Chewbacca? Star Wars found the ideal location for his home planet, Kashyyyk, here in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand, an oasis between the island of Phuket and mainland Thailand. Kashyyyk is portrayed as a bountiful world of perpetual summer; Thailand often feels like that too, with its vibrant food, lush scenery, and friendly locals.

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May the force be with you as you go abroad!

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