The weather might be cold but we have crossed the threshold into the New Year! Summer internships, volunteer projects and study opportunities are just around the corner (we hope you are starting to gather information about your next learning adventure!). There are really important things to start considering – destination, schedule, budget, etc. We hope you remember, however, that going abroad should be downright FUN so we are throwing a little light-hearted list your way for all those treasure hunters out there. All of us here at WE know it’s not about the stuff, per se, but a few souvenirs help extend the warm glow of an inspiring journey when you return home.

20 Cheap Souvenirs That Provide Priceless Memories

  1. A photo of you getting on the plane
  2. Pens (they have a subtle but different vibe around the world)
  3. Coins or tickets
  4. Street art
  5. Pressed leaf or flower
  6. Reusable shopping bag/tote (preferably in a foreign language)
  7. Novelty pics (holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, poking Big Ben, etc.)
  8. Cotton handkerchief (wear on purse, neck, wrap presents, etc.)
  9. Lip balm (local manufacturer – funky packaging, hopefully)
  10. Menu from an awesome restaurant (some print them daily)
  11. Child’s drawing (if you have a host siblings or work with kids!)
  12. Flea market sandals
  13. Used book
  14. Poster from a concert
  15. Candy!!! (Obvious choice)
  16. Stones (as long as they aren’t from national parks)
  17. Shells (as long are there aren’t live mollusks hitching a ride!)
  18. Scarves
  19. Tea
  20. A photo of before your return flight (with #8 standing by to wipe your tears)

What do you think? Can you come up with another 20 from your last journey abroad? What’s your most valued souvenir that didn’t break the bank?sovenir2

Posted by World Endeavors on    January 19, 2017

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