World Endeavors is beyond thrilled to announce additions to our Study in Germany program! Students can now choose to spend a winter or summer session at Freie Universität! These short-term study programs are fantastic opportunities for students who have a more rigorous course load at their home university and cannot fit a semester abroad into their busy schedule.

The first winter session offered by World Endeavors is a great option for students whose home university has a January term or exceptionally long winter breaks! Students will live and study in Berlin, Germany for three weeks and enroll in one intensive language or culture course.

During the summer, students can choose to spend four or six weeks studying in Berlin. They will have the opportunity to enroll in an intensive German course, electives taught in English, or a combination of the two.

Whether a student chooses to spend a winter, summer, or semester in Germany he or she will surely enjoy bustling Berlin and all that the city has to offer.


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Posted by World Endeavors on    September 18, 2015

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World Endeavors believes that international travel has the power to change lives, broaden horizons, and deepen intercultural understanding. The world is undergoing rapid changes, with societies becoming more interconnected and environmentally aware; at the same time a more challenging global economy inspires in many a need to reach out and make a positive difference while seeking personal growth opportunities. There has never been a better time than now to travel abroad.