New Program: Intern in South Africa

We are thrilled to announce a new program in yet another new location: Intern in South Africa! Interns will be based in Cape Town, moments away from Table Mountain, beautiful beaches, and wine country. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, interested in spending relaxing weekends on the coast, or yearning to learn more about the rich history and culture in South Africa, this program is for you.

With a diverse selection of available internship fields, our Intern in South Africa program offers something for everyone. Not only are there opportunities in Fashion, Journalism, Hospitality, and Education, participants can also intern in fields such as Media Studies, Physical Therapy, Wine (Viticulture), and Youth Development. Placement durations range anywhere from ten weeks to six months.

For more information regarding this opportunity in South Africa, please contact a World Endeavors Advisor.

Intern Abroad in South Africa

Phone: 612.729.3400



Posted by World Endeavors on    July 2, 2015

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World Endeavors believes that international travel has the power to change lives, broaden horizons, and deepen intercultural understanding. The world is undergoing rapid changes, with societies becoming more interconnected and environmentally aware; at the same time a more challenging global economy inspires in many a need to reach out and make a positive difference while seeking personal growth opportunities. There has never been a better time than now to travel abroad.